PayPal's new app design prioritizes P2P payments

PayPal has given its iOS and robot mobile app a serious overhaul.

Amidst the bevy of changes, users can realize a cleaner, a lot of efficient look with the app's most-used feature -- causation peer-to-peer transactions -- created a lot of distinguished.

The payments company says that within the last 2 years it's seen a 100% growth within the range of P2P transactions happening within the app, therefore the plan is de facto focused around this feature.

Users can currently realize a personalised hub wherever they will request cash from their mobile contacts and realize a listing of individuals they interact with most frequently.

In a ton of how, the new P2P focus makes the app terribly Venmo-esque. PayPal after all owns Venmo, and recently discovered that the social payments platform processed over $1 billion in payments throughout the month of Jan.

Beyond the P2P changes, the new app conjointly brings dealings details, unfinished payment requests and up to date contacts to the new home screen. PayPal aforementioned it's fine tuned robot fingerprint authentication to figure on a lot of devices and separated account activity by unfinished and completed transactions.

PayPal aforementioned the app is unvaried , that means it is made-to-order for every of the a hundred forty five native markets wherever the app is live. The protrusible framework also will enable the corporate to feature a lot of options as time goes on.