Facebook F8 Fest annual software starts April 18


      April 18 Facebook most important event of the year, F8, has today officially kick

In recent years, the largest social network in the world has used the plot as a megaphone to announce its major products, including the company's chronology and advertising network profile. In 2016 F8, Mark Zuckerberg used the event to articulate their vision of 10 years for the future of Facebook, which includes forays into virtual reality, artificial intelligence and drones with Wi-Fi radiant.

Zuck also used the stage to get deeply personal. In 2014, he thought about turning 30. This year, took a thinly veiled shot presidential candidate Donald Trump (before it was the Republican candidate) and rejected the notion of "building walls" and "people of distancing. "

For next year, the two-day conference will be held for the first time outside of San Francisco, the company announced Wednesday. F8 2017 target 50 miles south of the center of the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. During the early days of Facebook, the event was inconsistent - if Facebook had only planned to announce something big. But in 2014, the company decided what is an annual conference.

Facebook declined to comment on who will speak. (It is a good bet, though, that Zuckerberg will take the stage.)

But while Facebook announced significant new features for consumers while F8 in the past, the conference is primarily for software developers that Facebook needs to attract extend their reach and value of advertising.

In a separate announcement Wednesday Facebook also promotes changes in Analytics software application that helps application developers to maintain and operate their applications. The service launched in 2015 and 800,000 F8 applications are now using. The changes include an update that allows companies to see which of your content is doing better in Facebook in real time, for periods of 5 hours. Another update allows tracking software developers of user data from the Web - not just smartphones and tablets.

Seventy-seven percent of adults with three or more devices start a task on one device and complete it in another, he said Josh Twist a Facebook product manager. This represents a challenge for application developers. "We want to help people connect these images," said Twist.

You can probably expect more of these types of ads in-the-weeds F8, and issues related to consumer. After all, Facebook has to keep software developers and sellers are willing to make money.

ZTE designing your next blockbuster gadget


What is the best way to get invested in a company? The opportunity to participate in the creation of their products.

That's exactly what he did with ZTE CSX Project, an initiative that builds on the basic ideas for your next gadget consumers. There are few restrictions on the product, you just need to be mobile and affordable. The company is committed to manufacture and sell the product next year.

ZTE said in a press conference at IFA on Thursday that the initiative, which has been collecting ideas from the public, would go to the voting phase. With the help of judges ZTE, the company plans to reduce the ideas to three, with two options of "wild card" for September 12. Then we'll look at the engineering and design of feedback from its users.

CSX project is part of a broader initiative to raise awareness of ZTE, Chinese phone maker widely known for making games at low prices for the prepaid market. The company is on a mission to change that perception, which began with the launch of its range of high end phones last year ZTE has built its position - which is the fourth largest handset maker in the US - on phones sold by the likes of MetroPCS arm T-Mobile Prepaid, but wants to stand over affordability. The company has invested in larger companies with the likes of Golden State Warriors and Madison Square Garden.

ZTE plans to conduct a design session Saturday at the IFA in its own engineers and designers provide advice and instructions on how to create a functional design.

The company has already sent about 400 ideas, ranging from a virtual reality display grafted into a diving mask (so that you can jump in the pool and see what it feels like diving in the Mediterranean Sea) Bluetooth connected to a glove that tracks your movements for physical therapy or play guitar.

"The best scenario is that we have something that defines a new category," Jeff Yee, vice president of planning associations and ZTE Technology said in an interview before the show.

But what is less make money on a new product and more about building a relationship with consumers. CSX project attracted the users of its website, where your "Community Z" was built steadily.

While Yee said he would like to see one of the strange gain products, he said that the ideas that shape, you'll probably end up being another phone.

Bend Axon

The other draw on the recent ZTE site was its line of Axon, which received a boost from the first flagship phone Axon July 7. While Yee declined to provide specific sales figures for the device, he said he had "orders of magnitude" better than its predecessor, the axon Pro.

Axon 7 conquered the most technically savvy crowd, the guy who would appreciate a phone like the OnePlus 3 Yee said.

ZTE unveiled at IFA Axon 7 Mini. The phone is a smaller version of Axon 7 with some adjustments in your version of the screen, processor and battery. It will sell for 300 euros, or about $ 335.

The lowest price is essential to get the phone Axon multiple channels, Yee said, noting that some traders were particularly interested in the Mini.

In addition, he referred to companies that sell the axon, but only in limited test runs. ZTE has struggled to get its high-end devices to support the stores, which will improve its profile as most consumers tend to buy through your carrier. But Yee believes online Axon draws attention.

"It is a small step towards the adoption of support," he said.

15504 PANAVISE Car Mount PortaGrip maintains a strong grip on phones


15504 PANAVISE Car Mount PortaGrip maintains a strong grip on phones

tanding as the 800 pound gorilla between the supports for smartphones cars, PANAVISE 15504 PortaGrip feels like he spent nights and weekends at the gym. thick pieces of this medium that looks like it could support a car, let alone a smartphone. Screws and hinges move as if manufactured to military specifications.

I was not afraid that this assembly would collapse while maintaining my precious smartphone.

This suction cup designed to stick to the windshield of a car while a smart phone visible to the driver is maintained, has multiple pivot points on his arm and uses a ratchet clamp to hold smartphones instead.

Polaroid enters the smartphone market


In an announcement at Mobile World Congress 2015, Polaroid entered the European smart phone market with a line of devices running Android and Windows Phone OS.

Exclusively for Europe, the collection introduces the first Polaroid Windows and Android smartphone models using Android 4.4 KitKat featured operating system

At that time, he has not been given specific names Polaroid these devices. Any telephone line will o 

Microsoft goes dead with golem apps for business

If you visit the Google Play Store on your humanoid phone right away, you will find no fewer than eighty five apps from Microsoft. The list contains some serious heavyweights, as well as the whole workplace suite, with Word, Excel, Outlook, and company boast over ten million downloads from each one.

Even a lot of spectacular is however ofttimes those apps are updated within the past year. Last year around this point, I surveyed the Microsoft app landscape on humanoid and located some serious gaps. the sole possibility for operating with workplace files was the weak workplace Mobile app, as an example, and Outlook was still well-known by its recent name, Acompli.

I've been exploitation Microsoft apps and services on humanoid for the past 9 months, and therein transient time the evolution has been spectacular. Not amazingly, I've become considerably a lot of productive therein time.

For this post and attendant gallery, I've assembled a list of fascinating business-class apps from Microsoft. I've missed some consumer-focused stalwarts, as well as the much-improved Groove Music and also the Xbox One SmartGlass app, that is an imperative late tool.

If your work life revolves around Microsoft services and humanoid hardware, here's a guidebook to assist you discover the most effective apps kicking off of Redmond. (To see the total assortment of apps, visit Microsoft's page at the Google Play Store.)

Ironically, the iOS and humanoid apps beat their Windows counterparts to the punch with a key feature. you'll be able to currently connect the OneDrive apps to private and business accounts, then switch between those files as simply as you'd switch between accounts in associate email app.

One feature I notably like regarding the show of files within the OneDrive humanoid app may be a little data icon at the proper of every file and folder. faucet that icon for details regarding the choice, and for files, slide a switch to stay the file offered offline.

I used the picture sharing options of OneDrive to share screenshots from my phone to the gallery that accompanies this text, a method that took solely a couple of faucets.

What a distinction a year makes. Last year at this point, {trying|making associate attempt|attempting} to urge any serious work through with workplace documents on an humanoid smartphone was troublesome, as a result of solely the weak workplace Mobile app was offered. Today, there ar neat workplace apps, offered for the platform, as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

You probably would not need to form a scholar treatise in one among these apps, except for reading and light-weight written material they are extraordinarily effective. And even as with the desktop workplace apps on Windows and OS X, the consistent interface makes it simple to modify between apps whereas remaining productive.