Intel preparing to unveil 10TB SSDs (or you can pick up a 13TB drive today)

Want to form the switch to SSDs however feel they do not supply enough storage space? Then you would possibly wish to carry off creating any purchases for a short while as a result of Intel, in partnership with micrometer, is reportedly preparing to unveil SSDs with 10TB of storage capability.

Right now the most important SSD that Intel offers has 4TB offers of storage.

The increase in capability is formed doable by Micron's 3D NAND flash, that it's currently ready to manufacture in volume. Samsung and Toshiba already build use of 3D NAND flash technology in their SSDs, however neither have hit the 10TB mark.

According to micrometer, 3D NAND permits for capacities of 256Gb for structure cell (MLC) and 384Gb triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND, and "enable three.5TB gum stick-sized SSDs or over 10TB in customary a pair of.5-inch SSDs."

3D NAND conjointly offers considerably higher read/write information measure and I/O speeds, still as power savings due to its new sleep mode options that enables the facility to be move inactive NAND, even once different chips within the same die square measure active.

If you actually want a high-capacity SSD, and you wish it currently, then Fixstars offers a 13TB SSD that gives serial scan speeds of 580MBps and write hastens to 520MBps. the sole draw back is that the worth, that works out at $1 per G. does not sound like abundant till you understand there square measure thirteen,000 gigabytes during a computer memory unit, creating this a $13,000 drive.

Fixstars conjointly supply SSDs in three, 6, and 10TB choices too, at a a lot of affordable worth.