Firefox 2.0 for iOS gives Google Chrome a run for its money

Firefox 2.0 is out for iOS, and it's wanting sort of a excellent unleash so.

There area unit 3 massive new options during this unleash. the primary is 3D bit support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s and users. this enables users to continue the icon to appear a menu that offers them access to the subsequent features:

Open Last bookmarker
New non-public Tab
New Tab
There's conjointly Peek and Pop support that enables users to preview a tab quickly, similarly as perform functions like raise Reading List, Copy universal resource locator or shut Tab.

Finally, there is a very handy 'Find in Page' options, that will what it says on the tin.

I've been exploitation Firefox two.0 since it had been free the opposite day, and that i have to be compelled to say that the browser is coming back on in leaps and bounds. It's fast, it's intuitive, and it has been rock solid throughout the time that i have been exploitation it. shift between tabs feels lots nicer than it will in Google Chrome, and it appears to handle having lots of tabs open at the same time all right.

If you are presently exploitation Firefox on your iPhone or iPad, here area unit the changes within the two.0 release:

Firefox word Manager: Logins saved regionally or from a signed in FxA account will currently be searched, filtered, viewed and altered from the 'Logins' setting choice
Open tabs currently show Spotlight Search results on the house screen
A new tab describing the new options ANd changes on the market within the latest unleash is shown upon 1st launch once an update
'Find in Page' accessible by either long-pressing on a text item or by expressly launching the feature from the 'Share' menu
Support for 3D bit on iPhone 6S and 6S and additional pressing the Firefox app icon to open the fast Access menu provides shortcuts to Open Last bookmarker, open a brand new non-public Tab or a brand new Tab
Various bug fixes and performance enhancements