Microsoft goes dead with golem apps for business

If you visit the Google Play Store on your humanoid phone right away, you will find no fewer than eighty five apps from Microsoft. The list contains some serious heavyweights, as well as the whole workplace suite, with Word, Excel, Outlook, and company boast over ten million downloads from each one.

Even a lot of spectacular is however ofttimes those apps are updated within the past year. Last year around this point, I surveyed the Microsoft app landscape on humanoid and located some serious gaps. the sole possibility for operating with workplace files was the weak workplace Mobile app, as an example, and Outlook was still well-known by its recent name, Acompli.

I've been exploitation Microsoft apps and services on humanoid for the past 9 months, and therein transient time the evolution has been spectacular. Not amazingly, I've become considerably a lot of productive therein time.

For this post and attendant gallery, I've assembled a list of fascinating business-class apps from Microsoft. I've missed some consumer-focused stalwarts, as well as the much-improved Groove Music and also the Xbox One SmartGlass app, that is an imperative late tool.

If your work life revolves around Microsoft services and humanoid hardware, here's a guidebook to assist you discover the most effective apps kicking off of Redmond. (To see the total assortment of apps, visit Microsoft's page at the Google Play Store.)

Ironically, the iOS and humanoid apps beat their Windows counterparts to the punch with a key feature. you'll be able to currently connect the OneDrive apps to private and business accounts, then switch between those files as simply as you'd switch between accounts in associate email app.

One feature I notably like regarding the show of files within the OneDrive humanoid app may be a little data icon at the proper of every file and folder. faucet that icon for details regarding the choice, and for files, slide a switch to stay the file offered offline.

I used the picture sharing options of OneDrive to share screenshots from my phone to the gallery that accompanies this text, a method that took solely a couple of faucets.

What a distinction a year makes. Last year at this point, {trying|making associate attempt|attempting} to urge any serious work through with workplace documents on an humanoid smartphone was troublesome, as a result of solely the weak workplace Mobile app was offered. Today, there ar neat workplace apps, offered for the platform, as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

You probably would not need to form a scholar treatise in one among these apps, except for reading and light-weight written material they are extraordinarily effective. And even as with the desktop workplace apps on Windows and OS X, the consistent interface makes it simple to modify between apps whereas remaining productive.