15504 PANAVISE Car Mount PortaGrip maintains a strong grip on phones


15504 PANAVISE Car Mount PortaGrip maintains a strong grip on phones

tanding as the 800 pound gorilla between the supports for smartphones cars, PANAVISE 15504 PortaGrip feels like he spent nights and weekends at the gym. thick pieces of this medium that looks like it could support a car, let alone a smartphone. Screws and hinges move as if manufactured to military specifications.

I was not afraid that this assembly would collapse while maintaining my precious smartphone.

This suction cup designed to stick to the windshield of a car while a smart phone visible to the driver is maintained, has multiple pivot points on his arm and uses a ratchet clamp to hold smartphones instead.

However, it lacks any sort of pass-through power, USB, or channels for use with a telephone cable load to the point where a 12 volt car ports.

Suction with a touch

The switch uses a suction cup finals to increase the suction rather than a lever like many others windshield sets. The placement of the suction cup on the windshield of a car, sprained my switch and suction locked in place. In fact, he was captured so hard while I was testing its domain, the whole car rocked on its suspension.

I like this suction mechanism because it feels solid and well-locks and PANAVISE includes votes cast in plastic showing the locking positions and release switch.

A plastic arm 3.5 inch suction mechanism is removed, articulated at each of its ends with screws for locking the position. It takes a little effort to move the hinges, but I like the position of the smartphone can be set not only at the end of the flange, but at the end near the windshield.