Google VirusTotal Uploader now available for Macs

Previously available as being a Web app or the Windows app, Google's VirusTotal tool for scanning suspicious files is actually available for Mac OPERATING SYSTEM X.

It just obtained easier for Mac customers to scan suspicious records. Yesterday, Google released the version of its VirusTotal Uploader for Macs, a utility that enables you to drag and drop records to scan suspected adware and spyware with over 50 antivirus programs.

Anyone can use the actual VirusTotal website to publish and scan a document, but the VirusTotal Uploader request provides drag-and-drop ease. It absolutely was available for Windows customers, and now Mac customers running OS X 10. 8 or maybe 10. 9 can now use it. You can download the app directly on the VirusTotal website.

Google's VirusTotal Uploader now available for Macs
Google's VirusTotal Uploader now available for Macs
 The app allows you to drag and drop files to upload and review. It will show if one of the 50 or so antivirus programs it features detects everything suspicious. After VirusTotal coatings scanning a file, it provides a link that will show you additional analysis, including that specific antivirus apps get raised a red hole.

In addition to hauling and dropping files to the VirusTotal Uploader to trigger a scan, you could also right-click on a file and select VirusTotal Uploader via the actual Open With menu substitute for scan a file.

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Edit Google account permissions via an Android device

It is easy to forget how many blog and services you've granted entry to your Google account. Thankfully, you can monitor that from an Android device.

Edit Google account permissions via an Android device
Edit Google account permissions via an Android device
Periodically editing your Google account permissions is often a smart way of ensuring your account remains protected. When doing so, you can view the apps you've granted permission to reach your Google account (and your individual information).

You can always keep an eye on and edit your Google account permissions in the website, or if you will be an Android user, you can apply it directly from ones device.
You won't should download an app for you to edit permissions, as it's in the "Google Settings" app. This is an app you've most likely never even noticed on the device .

Edit Google account permissions via an Android device
Edit Google account permissions via an Android device
Kick off your app drawer and demand Google Settings icon. When you have found it, select it. On the next screen, select the top choice "Connected Apps. "

Edit Google account permissions via an Android device
Edit Google account permissions via an Android device

You should then see a directory of apps and services you've given permission to access your account. By tapping on the list of apps, a new screen will pop up displaying the information the service has use of. At the bottom in the screen you'll find any "Disconnect" button. Should you decide providing want the service to have access to your account, tap it and confirm your own preference.

In some instances you might find a small checkbox from the confirmation popup asking in order to also delete all of your information from the program. If that's something for you to do, check the box prior to confirming the disconnect.

It's important to note you won't discover any devices you've approved for access for your requirements -- only apps in addition to online services. You will have to use the website mentioned above so that you can edit devices.

20 Minimalistic Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Widgets are an iconic feature with the Android operating system. They could be use to dress up your stock Android system home screen turning the device unique and personalized available. Not only are many people functional, most of the widgets you will find nowadays look pretty great. Whether you know with this or not, chances are the widget-selection process will probably take some time. That’s why i am here to help.

Clocks And Calendar Widgets

 You start with clocks and calendar widgets, we will run by you wonderful and practical widgets that should find a home with your homescreen. In this checklist, we are featuring 20 minimalistic clocks and calendar widgets to begin your modding experience.

Pretty Binary Clock Widget. This is your homescreen clock widget in binary format. Good luck figuring this one out. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

  Lines Clock. A Custom clock for your lockscreen that runs through UCCW, customize each of the elements as you see fit. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

 BobClockD3. We’re not kidding when we say minimalistic. This clock widget gives you a clean sylish look at the hours and minutes of the day. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

DashClock Widget. This one is a dashclock widget (i.e. for lockscreen) which has an extension feature (download the extras you need) that allows more information to be displayed in the widget. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

 Advanced Clock Widget. A nice replacement for your home screen clock widget with great customization options and easy to use interface. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

 TypoClock. Show time and date in block format, plus the option to use built-in fonts or system fonts for its widget. [$1.27]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Minimal Date & Time. This one comes with a clock widget and a weather widget separately. You need the UCCW app to use this one but the good news is, you can then customize the widget to its very core. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Simple Calendar Widget. Minimal and clean, yet rich with features such as calendar options, tasks, skin. appearance and backup. Just the way it should be. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Minimalistic Text. A fan of minimalism? This widget will allow you to create your world of minimalism through the widget. Perfect for those with a tinkering soul. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

My Alarm Clock. Here’s one you won’t mind replacing your bedside clock with.

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Jelly Bean Clock Widget. Comes with a square or circle widget and 7 available colors; geen, yellow, pink, red, blue, black and white. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Onca Clock Widget. Here’s a brief walkthrough: the number (i.e. 12) indicates the hour, while the shaded portion of the ring serves as the minute (i.e. 50 minutes) and the blue dot marks the seconds.

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

MIUI Analog Clock Widget. You want a little taste of MIUI ROMs widget? Try this one. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Neon Clock Widget. A clock widget that displays the date, the day and battery levels with 7 different color themes to choose from. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os
Awesome Clock Widget. Here you will get a collection of 7 elegant and stylish clock designs as your home screen widget. [$0.99]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

Pure Calendar Widget. A thorough calendar widget with customizations that you actually need, such as scrollable widget, show tasks from third-party apps, multiple skins, complex agenda and (of course) it syncs perfectly with Google calendar. [$1.91]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

 MIUI Evolution Reload Clock. A simple MIUI style clock app , with 8 colourful and beautiful skin-ready calendar widgets. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

mClock. A similar app to UCCW, full with customization options from the go, and for more, you can load themes by other users through XML templates. [Free]

Clocks Along with Calendar Widgets For Android os

How you can Enable Emoji Keyboard upon Android

How you can Enable Emoji Keyboard upon Android
How you can Enable Emoji Keyboard upon Android

Google updated its keyboard application with a great deal of Emojis and Japaneses symbols and also some new cute emoticons. Make it possible for Emoji Keyboard on Android os, do as follows:

* Note that several new Emojis can only be on the Nexus 5

1. Open Settings and head to Language and Input.

3. Under Keyboard & Feedback Settings, make sure to enable iWnn IME

3. Tap the settings icon alongside the iWnn IME keyboard set

4. Under Language controls, make sure to enable both Emoji and Japoneses.

5. Now go to Messaging or any other apps which typing will be enabled

6. Long Press on the Space bar to wide open the Input Method food selection

7. Select Emoji or Japanese and add your chosen emotions.

How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM MEMORY

If your Mac is usually running slowly, you may simply need to upgrade your RAM.
World tech 20 How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM MEMORY

While most Macs ship with concerning 4GB and 16GB involving RAM, sometimes the lower stop of this range might not be enough for your uses. If your system is usually running low on RAM MEMORY, you will experience slowdowns as soon as launching programs, loading papers, and otherwise using your system.

If your system is usually low on RAM, you should be able to see this reflected from the Memory section of the activity Monitor utility, where in OS Back button Mountain Lion and earlier we have a small pie chart showing the number of free RAM vs. that reserved for system techniques. If the green wedge within this chart is constantly below about 25 percent of the chart's region, you might want to think about upgrading your RAM.

With OS X Mavericks, the Memory section in Activity Monitor shows a Memory Pressure chart instead. Green indicates your usage does not meet or exceed the system's memory capability. If this chart's figures are regularly high, you might want to upgrade your RAM.

The Memory Pressure graph in Mavericks is the best indicator of whether you are running low on usable RAM.

 The Memory Pressure graph in Mavericks is the best indicator of whether you are running low on usable RAM.
The Memory Pressure graph in Mavericks is the best indicator of whether you are running low on usable RAM.
 1st, you should determine if your system's RAM is upgradable. In reality, if you have some sort of Retina MacBook Pro, or possibly a MacBook Air, the memory around the system is soldered to the motherboard and cannot possibly be upgraded. Otherwise, you should be able to upgrade your RAM.

Up coming check the RAM's kind and speed, which can be looked up by choosing About this Mac from the Apple mackintosh menu. In here, take note the speed, which will be something like 1, 333MHz, plus the type, which will be similar to DDR2 or DDR3.

You can now purchase new RAM to your system. While 4GB is a general minimum, if your digestive system can handle it, then install a minimum of 8GB, but more will be preferred. For computing, normally the more RAM you might have, the better.

On a few systems, all available RAM slots will be filled, so when purchasing you'll need to consider replacing the latest RAM chips, but on others it's likely you have open RAM slots that you could add new RAM for you to. To see this, open the machine Information tool, and pick the Memory section, where you will observe the available banks of RAM and the length of RAM chip installed within each.

 This information tells you whether you can add to your current RAM, or if you need to replace it. In this case, all slots are used, so the RAM needs to be replaced

These documents also contain many images outlining how to install upgrades on your method, but in general, once you have exposed the RAM slots per the aforementioned articles' instructions, you unlatch and eliminate the old RAM and then fit the newest RAM in its position.

While you might fear whether RAM is placed properly, keep in mind which you cannot easily damage RAM MEMORY or your system if it's not properly seated. At most of the, when your system boots up it does not be able to discover and test the RAM MEMORY, and will issue 3 beeps without booting, or will boot but not show the RAM as being available.

Even though the wrong type of seating cannot easily destruction RAM, do keep in mind that static electric discharges with it can damage it. As a result, when opening and setting up new RAM, regularly touch the machine to ground yourself with it, and use a static-free surface as being a wood or glass workspace.

Keep in mind whenever purchasing RAM, that your Mac offers the same components as another PC, so you could get any RAM that matches the specifications for ones system. While some vendors may try to sell Mac-specific RAM, you are able to use any that matches the requirements for your system. In doing so, you can avoid places that sell "Mac RAM" for a premium.

After upgrading, be sure you run Apple's hardware test suite to evaluate the new RAM with regard to errors. This is perhaps the most important step of any RAM MEMORY upgrade, since corruption in RAM could lead to crashes, hangs, and information corruption. In addition, RAM errors can go unnoticed for quite a while, and then suddenly learn to affect the system. 

World tech 20 How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM MEMORY

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus review: High-resolution, small-footprint premium laptop

The good:: The actual Ativ Guide 9 In addition laptop computer includes a durable, trim style, ultra-high-res touchscreen, as well as great electric battery existence.

 The bad: Expenses a number of 100 a lot more than we’d choose; shrunken HDMI interface; doesn’t transform to some pill type -- purely the laptop computer.

 The bottom line: In the event that you’re simply searching for a good all-around wonderfully created Home windows contact ultrabook as well as don’t thoughts it's about the costly aspect (and doesn’t transform to some tablet), the actual enhanced Samsung Ativ Guide 9 In addition may be worth the actual expense.

 Have a stunning Windows ultrabook design. Give a super-high-resolution contact screen as well as longer-battery-life Intel Haswell processor chip. Exactly what might be incorrect with this?

 Very little. The actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is really a revival from the Book 9/Series 9, the laptop collection we’ve cherished for a long time due to the strong form, trim design, as well as powerful overall performance. Samsung’s rebranding associated with Windows laptops in order to “Ativ” is really a small complicated, because may be the breaking from the collection in to 2 slim laptops: the actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 En aning as well as Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus. The actual En aning, that I’ve currently examined, is actually plastic material, comes with an AMD processor chip, and it is another kind of item, however expenses close to $750. The actual Plus is really a much better ultrabook, however it’s $1, 399, almost two times the cost. This includes exactly what quantities towards the Brand new Regular within high quality Windows ultrabooks: the greater-than-1080p 3, 200x1, 800-resolution contact screen, Plus enhanced electric battery existence because of the Intel Haswell Primary i5 processor chip within.

 Would you draw the actual bring about about the more costly ultrabook? I'd. The actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is actually among my personal favorite Windows 8 laptops, seems excellent to make use of, as well as I’d spend several 100 much more for this, begrudgingly. Actually the actual equivalently set up 13-inch MacBook Air, although having a lower-res non-touch screen, expenses regarding $300 much less. Along with other Windows laptops with this place can be found nearer to $1, 000.

 Nonetheless, it’s difficult in order to defeat the actual real bundle how the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus provides. It may not really transform to some tablet, however it certain is really a fairly sweet, however costly, laptop.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
design: Enhanced ultrabook
 The actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is very like the old Book 9: gunmetal-blue on the exterior, metallic sides, the bent, tapered user profile as an Airfoil, along with a impact scaled-down than the usual 13-inch MacBook Air.

 You may make a disagreement -- a simple 1, actually -- how the greatest point keeping back again Windows 8 laptops is actually Windows 8 by itself. Equipment producers tend to be obviously attempting to perform their finest, however there’s a choice to become created: design the flippy-convertible tablet-to-laptop animal, or simply create a good laptop?
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
  The actual Samsung Book 9 Plus opts for that second option route, as well as most likely sensibly therefore. It’s weightier compared to final Samsung Ativ Book 9/Series 9, evaluating within from 3. two lbs as opposed to the actual sub-3-pound question it had been formerly. It’s a bit heavier, as well, to support top of the lid’s brand new contact screen. You most likely won’t discover a lot; the final Samsung Ativ Book 9 had been shockingly gentle, which brand new design simply seems regular.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
  Display: Much more pixels compared to you’ll understand how to proceed along with
 The final 12 months offers observed lots of computer systems implementing higher pixel-density “ultra-high-res” Displays, greater than 1080p as well as offering a lot clearer picture high quality. The actual enhancements could be difficult to understand: when you overcome 1080p, the actual sharpness associated with textual content as well as picture high quality quantities in order to close-up fine detail a lot more than jump-out clearness.

 The actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is victorious the actual pixel hands competition having a spectacular 3, 200x1, 800-pixel 13. 3-inch Display; the actual Toshiba Kirabook clocks within two, 560x1, 440 pixels, and also the 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Professional offers two, 550x1, 660. That’s extraordinary pixel denseness, along with a large jump in the 1, 600x900-pixel Display about the prior Book 9.

 However, whilst which high quality Display is ideal for clearness as well as watching high-resolution pictures, many of the worth is actually theoretical, because so many Windows 8 applications don’t make the most of this particular quality however, and it is not likely your own movie diet plan includes content material much better than 1080p.

 The actual polished Display can be a small tougher to determine within immediate gentle as opposed to the actual matte Display the actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 accustomed to possess, however polished works more effectively with regard to capacitive contact. Attaining which function is really a Plus -- actually, it’s difficult to think this particular high-end laptop was missing contact so far. Top of the cover starts upward one hundred and eighty levels, laying toned using the computer keyboard on the desk should you desire, however it won’t switch right into a tablet. Attaining contact indicates simpler compatibility along with Windows 8 applications. The actual IPS Display appears superb as well as vibrant through just about all perspectives.

 However in the 3, 200x1, eight hundred quality, desktop computer setting gets the hopelessly little scenery associated with mini-icons as well as micro-text. Within tile-based application setting, nevertheless, applications remain exactly the same dimension however obtain much more depth whenever optimized (for photos as well as textual content, in many cases). Textual content dimension could be optimized in either case. To tell the truth, although, We had been generally good employed in 1080p; the actual extra-high quality is simply COMPUTER gravy.

 The actual on-ship loudspeakers provide good, powerful seem, as well. The actual 720p Web cam additionally appears better-than-average. General, the actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus includes a fairly stick out group of audiovisual elements because of its little dimension.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
 Computer keyboard as well as touch pad tend to be upon stage
 Indeed, this particular computer keyboard is actually backlit; however, it’s therefore quietly carried out that you might not really discover within regular gentle. The actual bluish BROUGHT illumination functions lightly, sufficient so the secrets tend to be understandable in most gentle problems, as opposed to appear “lit upward. ” The actual elevated secrets tend to be fairly toned, such as upon numerous slim laptops, however the computer keyboard is actually organized along with nice spaciousness, as well as seems good in order to kind upon.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
 The actual broad clickable touch pad is actually once more truly good, along with plenty of multifinger motion space, as well as it’s simple to perform off-edge swiping. Key boards as well as touch pads issue, as well as Samsung usually fingernails each about the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
 Mini-ports in abundance
 OKAY, here’s something I truly desire had been enhanced because the final Samsung Ativ Book 9: Samsung truly enjoys mini-ports about the Book 9 Plus. HDMI as well as VGA video-out tend to be plainly symbolized through micro-ports. You will find 2 complete HARDWARE 3. 0 plug-ins as well as a good Facts position, however wouldn't it end up being therefore difficult to suit a normal HDMI interface within, as well? Simply interested.

 Wireless bluetooth four. 0 as well as 802. 11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi tend to be right here, although, because you’d anticipate, although not 802. 11ac, the brand new, quicker Wi-Fi regular. Proceed determine.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013) Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Price $1,399 $1,099 $1,399
Display size/resolution 13.3-inch, 3,200x1,800 touch screen 13.3-inch, 1,440x900 screen 13.3-inch, 1,920x1,080 touch screen
PC CPU 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 4250U 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U
PC Memory 4096MB DDR3 SDRAM 1,600MHz 4096MB DDR3 SDRAM 1,600MHz 8192MB DDR3 SDRAM 1,600MHz
Graphics 1749MB (shared) Intel HD Graphics 4400 1024MB Intel HD Graphics5000 128MB Intel HD Graphics 4400
Storage 128GB SSD hard drive 128GB SSD hard drive 128GB SSD hard drive
Optical drive None None None
Networking 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 802.11a/c wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0
Operating system Windows 8 (64-bit) OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4 Windows 8 (64-bit)

The term upon SideSync
 Samsung’s current Windows-compatible laptops function SideSync software program which allows Samsung Universe tablets as well as cell phones to operate side-by-side as well as reveal key boards as well as screen room. It’s smart things: you are able to reflection your own telephone or even tablet’s screen about the Book 9 Plus in order to keep track of phone calls as well as notices as well as make use of applications as the additional gadget is actually saved, and also the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus’ computer keyboard as well as touch pad may be used to run the telephone or even tablet.

 It may be useful inside a thin work area just like a plane’s tray-table, or even throughout a cramped occasion such as, state, the technology reside weblog. In the event that you’re currently the Samsung gadget proprietor, it’s a pleasant benefit.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
 Overall performance as well as electric battery existence
 The actual Book 9 Plus quantities to some regular fourth-gen Intel Core i5 ultrabook below it's pores and skin, as well as, in order to no real surprise, this works such as 1. “Haswell” Intel processors within slim laptops equal to much better on-ship images as well as large jumps within electric battery existence a lot more than general program pace. As possible observe about the standard graphs, the brand new Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus having a fourth-gen 1. 6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U processor experienced overall performance fairly near to the Book 9 managing a last-gen 2GHz Intel Core i7 3527U.

  Most of all, be aware the actual jump within standard overall performance in between this particular Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus and also the Book 9 En aning, Samsung’s almost half-the-price semi-similar-looking plastic material laptop managing a quad-Core AMD processor. The actual Plus is a lot quicker.

 Electric battery existence requires a good anticipated jump, although not the jaw-dropping 1: upon the video-playback electric battery check, all of us could overcome 8 several hours (8 several hours twenty nine min's, to become exact). However, progressively, numerous current-gen Windows ultrabooks tend to be striking individuals amounts. It’s not really industry-leading, however more than 8 several hours (and most likely much more, should you change settings) is sufficient for any complete day’s function. This arrives near to the Sony Vaio Professional 13.

Multimedia multitasking test (in seconds)(Longer bars indicate better performance)
MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013)
Samsung Ativ Book 9 (13-inch, Spring 2013)
Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Sony Vaio Pro 13
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite

Adobe Photoshop CS5 image-processing test (in seconds)(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
Samsung Ativ Book 9 (13-inch, Spring 2013)
Sony Vaio Pro 13
MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013)
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite

Apple iTunes encoding test (in seconds)(Shorter bars indicate better performance)
MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013)
Samsung Ativ Book 9 (13-inch, Spring 2013)
Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
Sony Vaio Pro 13
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite

Multimedia multitasking: Handbrake (in seconds)(Shorter bars indicate better performance)
Samsung Ativ Book 9 (13-inch, Spring 2013)
Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013)
Sony Vaio Pro 13
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite

Video playback battery drain test (in minutes)(Longer bars indicate better performance)
MacBook Air 13-inch (June 2013)
Sony Vaio Pro 13
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
Acer Aspire S7- 392-6411
Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite
Samsung Ativ Book 9 (13-inch, Spring 2013)

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
 Unsurprising, but nonetheless truly good
 The actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus feels as though a clear connect-the-dots in between final year’s excellent design plus some looked forward to past due functions, such as touch Display along with a lengthier electric battery existence. That’s not really a bad point: in the end, in the event that you’re following a go-to functional laptop, enhancements frequently issue a lot more than improvements. It’s not really the actual electric battery full such as the MacBook Air, however it’s very good, and also the higher-than-1080p Display retains this upon par along with numerous high quality Windows 8 laptops.

 However this particular isn’t a significant shock; ultrabooks happen to be carrying this out with regard to several weeks (see the actual Toshiba Kirabook, as well as forthcoming laptops such as the Lenovo Yoga exercise 2). Samsung was previously a bit more intense using its COMPUTER designs; recently, it has been on the much more traditional route, a minimum of in contrast to your competition. However that isn't always the bad point.

 Samsung’s top-end Windows slim laptop fits your competition as well as provides a great item. It’s not really supercheap from $1, 399, however it’s not really ultra-expensive, possibly. Nevertheless, just getting 128GB associated with on-ship SSD storage space as well as 4GB associated with MEMORY for your cost feels as though the disappointment.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
This particular isn’t the convertible tablet-laptop design. It’s only a laptop. However for individuals who would like among the best slim Windows 8 laptops available, the actual Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is definitely an simple choose. You need to be prepared to invest several 100 much more for that opportunity.

Here’s Exactly what A good apple iphone 6 Having a Bent Show May Seem like

iphone 6
  It’s which season once again, buddies. It’s already been a couple of months because the final apple iphone 6 was launched, meaning most people are trying to puzzle out exactly what the following apple iphone 6 will appear such as.

 Not so long ago, this particular designed there is a continuing flow associated with knockoffs becoming handed close to discussion boards as well as weblogs because the real thing. Recently, although, it appears most of the people along with sufficient expertise to create a real-enough searching phony tend to be rather utilizing their abilities permanently — or even, a minimum of, in order to mat their own profile; rather than throwing out their own function for some jokes, they’re polishing the actual heck from it as well as phoning this an idea item.

 In the event that the first is to think the actual gossip generator, the following apple iphone 6 might activity the bent show — possibly actively playing upon Apple’s substantial, half-billion buck expense in to sapphire cup.

 Exactly what, precisely, might the bent cup apple iphone 6 seem like? Inside a idea movie that really handles in order to catch Apple’s current style vocabulary very well, designer Arthur Reis requires a stab from this:

Facebook v8 For iOS Launches At Snapchat With Further Private One-To-Few Photo Discussing
Facebook v8 For iOS
 Don’t want all friends and family to see your pics? That’s a big reason Snapchat has grown to be so popular, and now Facebook really wants to capitalize on more individual sharing. Facebook for iOS 8. 0, launched today, offers an quick “Share with only most of these friends” option, allowing you to select specific people who you want your photo to apparently in News Feed. The selector works and also looks a bit such as Snapchat.

Now whenever you head to share a status update, or photo, you’ll see the viewers of that post at the summit. For most people that’s established to “Friends”, but a tap reveals the selector and choose from your pre-made good friend lists or individuals to share with by tapping his or her Snapchat-esque bubbles. To do that before, you’d have to generate a new friend list any time you shared, which I doubt anyone was doing.

Because 2007, Facebook has been trying to push the thought of “microsharing”. The theory is that if you’ll be willing to share a wider variety connected with content and post with greater regularity if only a subset of your respective friends can see the item.

The problem is that will Facebook wanted users to be able to pre-make these lists or even groups, which can feel as if an arduous and demanding chore. “Does this guy belong during my super close friend listing, my wider set connected with local buddies, my going-to-the-bar listing, or what? ” As a result, Mark Zuckerberg said this season that “Almost no one really wants to make lists…The most we’ve gotten is 5% to generate lists, and most don’t make several. ”

This is to some extent why Facebook relaunched Groupings that day, which Zuckerberg not long ago said have 500 thousand users. Groups are great for sharing of a certain topic to people who are interested, but not really for sharing to a select set of good friends. Facebook has also attempted offering Smart Lists who have functions like notifying you whenever anyone on your own Close Friends list content. It even began suggesting people you need to add to an Acquaintances list who does then show up less freqently with your News Feed.

Path tried to address the microsharing lists problem with you start a completely social graph of merely your closest friends, but people typically over-added friends whilst still being didn’t want to share compared to that many people. Snapchat nailed it by helping you to choose exactly who to share each post to.

Facebook's new Share With feature on the right, Snapchat on the left
Facebook’s new Share With feature on the right, Snapchat on the left
Now Facebook does exactly the same. While the new function isn’t ephemeral messaging as well as photo chat (Facebook currently has that in Messenger), maybe it's seen as a heir to Facebook’s failed Snapchat replicated Poke. If it’s a hit, people might become more comfortable sharing silly or racy photos simply because can easily make them visible to only their favorite people or those that will find them fun. That could help Facebook soak upward more engagement time and also user data, as properly as foster closer human relationships between friends.

But it’s also quite possible that no person will notice the completely new “Share With Only These Friends” feature and individuals will just keep of sharing with their default audience. Adding in new strategies to share hasn’t gone so well for mobile blog recentiy. Instagram Direct, an image messaging feature flopped, while Snapchat’s Stories means of sharing publicly hasn’t made a great number of waves either. You can teach a classic app new tricks, but it’s a good deal harder to get visitors to remember to use them.

TAP SONIC:DJ MAX for Android (tap sonic android tablet download)


tap sonic for jelly bean
  • About 91353 Downloads
  • Version: 1.0.6 offline
  • Size: 12 MB
  • Required:
  • Release time: 2011-08-26
tap sonic android tablet download

    tap sonic android tablet download

    tap sonic for jelly bean download

    Tap & Slide, Feel the flow~! Rhythm Action Tap Sonic!!

      TAP SONIC by Neowiz Internet is the newest most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your Android! Don’t just feel the music, Tap the beats and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC!

            [ Operating Environment tap sonic ]

     - Platform : Android 2.1 or later (Recommend 2.2)

     - Device : GalaxyS, GalaxyS2, GalaxyTAB, VegaX, Optimus2x, NexusS

            [ How to play tap sonic ]

            - You can play TAP SONIC only online.

            - Select game options at the music menu to enjoy various play modes.

            - The song played in Single Game can be played again in Nonstop Game.

            - Play the 4-line songs 10 times in Single Game to unlock the 5-line songs.

            - Play the 5-line songs 30 times in Single Game to unlock the 6-line songs.

            - Locked songs can be unlocked by completing Challenges.

            - With a Premium Ticket, you can play selected songs without using Music Points.

            - You can purchase Premium Tickets in the music menu and Shop.

            - Purchase Premium Tickets by tapping the 'BUY' button for a song in the list.

            - Songs that say 'PREMIUM' can be purchased with Premium Ticket.

            - Perfect Plays by completing songs without missing any note.

            - Log in with Twitter and Facebook to show off your skills and amaze your friends.

            [ tap sonic Features ]

            - A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade)

            - Using game option, to suit different levels and preferences.

            - Starpoints are earned every time you play TAP SONIC

            - Starpoints can be used for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items!

            - A range of difficulty to suit everyone’s gaming level

            - Challenge 4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels

            - The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs

            [ Please read first ]

            - Both charge and without-charge songs are constantly being updated.

            - Level/ranking/multi-play functions will be updated in the near future

    tap sonic for jelly bean download

    other download links :
    click here :

    uploading(apk and crack)
    uploading(music data)

            How to install tap sonic

    tap sonic for jelly bean download

            1, uninstall all previous versions

            2, install the main app

            3, TapSonic_Offline_1.6-data.rar, extract ". Tapsonic" folder with the directory into the SD

            4,, extract into SDcard / .tapsonic / pak

            5, download music data, unzip into SDcard / .tapsonic / song

    tap sonic for jelly bean download

    Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 review
    Toshiba Satellite Pro C660

    The Good in Toshiba Satellite Pro C660

    • Large hard drive
    • Cheap

    The Bad in Toshiba Satellite Pro C660

    • Poor keyboard
    • Limited range of ports
    • Pedestrian performance
    • Iffy build quality

    Toshiba comes with a enviable reputation with regards to laptops, so it's something of a surprise to find the 15. 6-inch Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 going on a bargain-basement price. Our model, the C660-17J, is becoming sold by Laptops Direct for approximately £345, and you may pick it up for £295 in case you trade in your aged laptop too.

    Cheap like a budgie

    Toshiba Satellite C660 appearance is disappointing -- it looks cheaper compared to the cast of The only way Is Essex. The whole chassis is made out of black plastic and, although Toshiba has extra a dimpled pattern on the lid and wrist relaxation, it still looks about as stylish being a room full of location teachers. Worse still, the chassis doesn't feel all that robust, especially around this wrist rest. If you apply some pressure into it, it flexes quite significantly.

    There isn't much to obtain excited about with regards to the computer's line-up regarding ports, either. In simple fact, you get just a couple USB ports, which is mean even at this price. Although there's a VGA output, there's no HDMI vent -- something that's becoming standard on most machines. Even the LAN port is limited to 100Mbps Ethernet, when almost all of today's laptops offer Gigabit Ethernet assistance.

    The keyboard is also a huge disappointment. The keys rattle quite badly since you type, so we wouldn't have massive confidence within the keyboard standing up well to long-term abuse. The keys also provide very little travel so they really don't feel all which comfortable or responsive.

    The trackpad is more preferable, though. It sits flush with all the wrist rest and is wide enough to allow you to easily sweep the cursor around the screen. The two large, tubular buttons also think quite sturdy and make a distinct click when a person press them.

    Glossy films on screens divide thoughts and opinions. On the one palm, they generally improve the appearance of colours, making these people look more vivid, although, on the other palm, they tend to always be very reflective, which is usually uncomfortable if you're with them under bright, overhead lighting.

    Toshiba Satellite C660 display is sadly more reflective in comparison with most, and this, put together with its tight vertical seeing angle, means getting an appropriate viewing position can always be tricky. Nevertheless, the resolution of 1, 366x768 pixels isn't poor, and the legibility regarding text in documents and online is good once you've gotten the screen positioned the right way.
    Toshiba Satellite Pro C660


    While the 15.6-inch Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-17J is cheap, its limited range of ports, pedestrian performance and uninspiring build quality mean this laptop doesn't really offer good value for money.

    Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 has the most limited range of ports we've seen on a laptop in quite some time.
    As you'd expect of an 15. 6-inch desktop-replacement machine, the C660 has some sort of DVD rewriter. Thankfully, Toshiba hasn't skimped on the hard drive. While most budget machines feature smaller 320GB drives, this place offers 500GB of safe-keeping, which should be enough for most people.

    Stale chip

    The laptop uses a dual-core Intel Pentium T4500 model clocked at 2. 3GHz. It's really a pre-Sandy Bridge processor, so that it uses the older, reduced Intel HD integrated design. Consequently, in the 3DMark06 standard test, it only managed to post a consequence of 773, which isn't superior to most netbooks. That means 3D gambling is pretty much impossible, but at least the actual Intel HD graphics offer some acceleration for tasks like high-definition video playback.

    The particular T4500 chip isn't accurately a cutting-edge processor, so we weren't expecting much on the C660 when it stumbled on the PCMark05 test. The item racked up a ranking of 3, 918, that's pretty much what we all expected. In real-world words, this means the laptop are going to be fine for lighter tasks like Web browsing, seeing shows on iPlayer along with updating Facebook, but isn't actually suitable for more challenging tasks, like compressing HIGH DEFINITION video files or incorporating effects in programs such as Photoshop.

    With a 15. 6-inch tv screen, this isn't really some sort of laptop that's designed for life while travelling. That's probably just too because it didn't perform particularly well from the intensive Battery Eater Traditional test, which runs the CPU at 100 % until the battery conks out there. The C660 managed and keep running for just an hour and 16 minutes, whereas almost all of today's 15-inch laptops find a way to creep above the an hour and 20 minute mark.


    The Toshiba Satellite television Pro C660-17J is challenging to like. Its rickety keyboard set, lack of ports and pedestrian performance mean that, although it's cheap, it isn't very cheerful. If you desire a low-cost computer which offers better build quality, we'd suggest you read the likes of the Acer Desire 5552 instead.

    Our rating

    2.5 stars out of 5

    User rating

    2 stars out of 5