Automatically abutting Clandestine Browsing sessions with a Firefox extension

PB Exit is a Firefox addendum that closes an abeyant Clandestine Browsing session.

If you accept anytime got up and larboard a Clandestine Browsing affair unattended, your clandestine advice is sitting there for any beholder to see. With PB Exit, a Clandestine Browsing window will abutting afterwards 10 account of inactivity, either the aftermost folio amount or tab switch.
This Firefox addendum could not be easier to use; artlessly install it and let it run in the background. In my trial, it formed as advertised, closing Clandestine Browsing tabs afterwards I let them sit abandoned for 10 minutes. There are no settings to chaos with, admitting the developer has a agenda on the extension's description that he may "add settings in the approaching (e.g., chump abandoned time)."

If you are a approved user of Firefox's Clandestine Browsing feature, PB Exit is a accessible fail-safe to accumulate your abstracts abroad from prying eyes