List an OS X binder bureaucracy with TextWrangler

If you charge to get a structured account of the directories in a folder, TextWrangler can do that.
The OS X Finder is a abundant apparatus to use for acclimation your abstracts and projects into binder hierarchies; however, it is a bit limited. If you would like to save this bureaucracy as a account in a book again the Finder and OS X does not accommodate these options. While the Finder does abutment press a folder's listings by boring a binder to a book queue, this is about the absolute of the options for advertisement binder items.
One another to this is to use screenshots; however, these are changeless images in which items cannot be called and copied, or contrarily managed.
Another another is to try application Automator, AppleScript, or carapace scripts (including accoutrement like "tree" to account hierarchies) to assemble a workflow for this purpose; however, this can sometimes booty a bit of development and testing, and be a alarming assignment abnormally for those who are not accustomed with scripting languages. 

Folder lines in TextWrangler
The folder lines in TextWrangler all contain a colon symbol, which can be used to extract them to a new document.
Despite this, an easier advantage does abide with the chargeless TextWrangler account that is accessible for OS X from BareBones Software. One affection that TextWrangler supports is the adeptness to actualize a tab-indented hierarchical timberline of a folder's capacity and affectation it in a argument certificate by artlessly boring a binder to a document's window. However, this affection will accommodate all files and folders in the hierarchy, which may sometimes not be wanted.
If you are alone absorbed in assuming the folders in a agenda anatomy and no files, again you can still do this by demography advantage of how TextWrangler manages binder characters in its agenda advertisement feature.

In OS X the binder separator attribute is a advanced slash; however, this is a change from the archetypal Mac OS in which the binder separator was a colon. Nevertheless, OS X still recognizes the colon as a aloof attribute and will not by absence acquiesce it to be acclimated in book names. However, in its agenda advertisement feature, TextWrangler will use a colon to abstracted folders.
Since you are affirmed for the best allotment that binder paths in TextWrangler will accept a colon and book listings beneath these will not, you can use this aberration to abstract curve from a binder advertisement to alone get a advertisement of the directories in a tree, instead of all files. To do this, run the afterward steps: 

TextWrangler folder list
When finished, TextWrangler's new document will have only the hierarchy of folders shown.

1-Launch TextWrangler and annoyance a adapted binder to the bare certificate window.
2- Select "Process Curve Containing" from the Argument menu.
3- Enter a distinct colon attribute in the "Find Curve Containing" field, and analysis the advantage to archetype to a fresh document.
4- Click the Process button.
With these accomplish run, TextWrangler will actualize a fresh certificate absolute alone the binder bureaucracy timberline for your adapted Finder folder.