download Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3
  • About 79558 Downloads
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 462 MB
  • Required:
  • Release time: 2012-03-02

Grand Theft Auto 3 Screenshots:

  •    Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began. 


            Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.


            With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation. 


            Universal App: 

            Grand Theft Auto III is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2. 




            • Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models 

            • HD quality resolution 

            • Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices 

            • Custom controls for the mobile platform 

            • Countless hours of gameplay

    Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iPhone/iPad

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iPhone/iPad
    • About 73993 Downloads
    • Version: 0.6.1
    • Size: 2.9 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.3 or later
    • Release time: 2012-04-26
    • Developers: Mojang

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

  • The latest update includes crafting, chests, creepers and beds!
    Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition
    Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.
    * Crafting
    * Randomized worlds
    * Build anything you can imagine
    * Build with several different kinds of blocks
    * Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)
    * Save multi-player worlds on your own phone 

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone/iPad

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone/iPad
    • About 53016 Downloads
    • Version: 1.3.1
    • Size: 357 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.2 or later
    • Release time: 2012-07-25
    • Developers: Activision Publishing, Inc

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

  • The Call of Duty: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life.
    Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers maps and weapons never before seen on mobile, and 50 levels of "Dead-Ops Arcade," a 50-level zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for fans of Call of Duty’s signature zombie warfare.
    Play solo or join a team of up to 4 players as you mow down hordes of zombies with Call of Duty’s all-new interface, now featuring Voice Chat for the first time ever.

    And don’t just take our word for it; here is what critics think of the game:

    - "Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is a must-have for any Call of Duty fan and for everyday gamers alike." –
    - "...after spending some time with COD: Black Ops Zombies, we think this could possibly be the best game we’ve seen yet on the Apple tablet." – Into Mobile
    - "As far as the whole package is concerned, I adore the Dead Ops Arcade mode and feel it adds significant value to the $6.99 price tag" – Destructoid
    - "Dead Ops…a perfect fit for the mobile platform." – G4 TV online
    What's New in Version 1.3.1
    - All new weapon: the Crossbow
    - All New Achievements

    Finally, a variety of optimizations and fixes have also been incorporated into this update to give players the best mobile Zombie experience yet.
    For tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, be sure to check out the Black Ops Zombies Field Manual at
    The game has been optimized for 3rd-generation devices and higher, providing unparalleled graphics and performance. As an iOS Universal App, the game operates the same whether played on iPhone, iPod, or iPad, meaning a zombie’s brain will splatter just as vividly on your iPhone 4 Retina Display as on your iPad 2. The game also supports Game Center leaderboards so you can compete with your friends.
    Need more undead? Download Call of Duty: Zombies, the original mobile zombie warfare experience available on both iPhone and iPad. And don’t forget to download the Call of Duty: ELITE Mobile App for an inside-edge on your console Call of Duty Multiplayer experience.

    Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for iPhone/iPad

    Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for iPhone/iPad
    • About 45411 Downloads
    • Version: 1.3.0
    • Size: 818 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.3 or later
    • Release time: 2012-06-21
    • Developers: Gameloft

    Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

  • The acclaimed Gangstar series is back on iPhone and iPad to offer you a whole new place to have criminally good fun!
    You’ll never experience a better way to discover Rio de Janeiro!
    For the first time ever in a sandbox game, explore the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Discover 5 different neighborhoods including the favelas, business district, beaches and jungle.
    Also, for the first time in the Gangstar series, explore indoor environments fully realized in 3D.
    Over 60 varied missions to complete, plus dozens of random events to give you hours of fun.
    Kill corrupt politicians, protect witnesses, deliver special packages, steal cars and find out who tried to kill you and leave you for dead.

    Access a wide range of weapons like handguns, rifles, bazookas and grenades plus a new local specialty: the Explosive Football.
    Also drive dozens of vehicles including planes, helicopters and a tank, and of course, you can rob, purchase and collect dozens of cars or motorbikes.

    You can now customize your character. Unlock numerous shirts, pants, hats, glasses and more that you can collect and use to customize your character.

    The realism has been pushed even further thanks to various radio channels broadcasting hip hop, electro and funk music with several licensed tracks:
    - World Town - M.I.A.
    - Office Boy - Bonde do Role
    - Lingua de Tamanduá - MV Bill 

    CSR Racing for iPhone/iPad

    CSR Racing for iPhone/iPad
    • About 36564 Downloads
    • Version: 1.2.3
    • Size: 78.8 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.3 or later
    • Release time: 2012-07-21
    • Developers: NaturalMotion

    CSR Racing for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

    Race your dream car in the ultimate test: a drag race along deserted city streets. CSR Racing combines stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay and stunning multiplayer head-to-head competition to create a new type of racing experience.
    Upgrade your Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat tougher and tougher opponents. And when you’re ready, it’s time to challenge the crews that rule the city.
    Reached Tier 5? Now get ready to Race the World! Win unique super cars and decals, earn Respect points from your peers, and take on the best in the sun-drenched beachside drag strip. You may have beaten the city, but now it’s time to take on the world!
    Featuring a breakthrough in graphics fidelity, CSR Racing smashes the barriers between consoles and your iPhone or iPad. Full retina resolution and next-gen lighting combine to beat any 1080p console racing game on the market.
    Officially licensed cars from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini and Nissan; incl. Audi R8, Ford GT, Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan GT-R, BMW M3 and a few surprises!

    ✩ Now includes the Bentley Continental Supersports, Dodge Charger, SLR McLaren, and many more!

    R8 vs GT-R, Continental Supersports vs SLR McLaren. Your car against theirs. In a straight line. It's about power, skill and tactics. Hit the right revs and let that turbo work. But deploy the nitrous at the wrong time, and you're toast.

    Choose from turbos, engine stages, ECU tweaks, racing tires and much more to strategically upgrade your car to fit your driving style. But remember: no two cars are the same – don't overload a RWD on skinny tires with power it can't handle.

    Make a statement with custom license plates, custom paints and original custom decals.

    You are not alone. The crews that rule the city are watching you, and you will soon face their best drivers. Beat their bosses, and you'll take over their district. So far so good – but all is not what it seems… 

    Download Subway Surfers for iPhone/iPad

    Subway Surfers for iPhone/iPad
    • About 38206 Downloads
    • Version: 1.7.4
    • Size: 33.5 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.3 or later
    • Release time: 2012-07-20
    • Developers: Kiloo

    Subway Surfers for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

    Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.
    DASH as fast as you can!
    DODGE the oncoming trains!
    Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog.
    ★ Grind trains with your cool crew!
    ★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
    ★ Hoverboard Surfing!
    ★ Paint powered jetpack!
    ★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
    ★ Challenge and help your friends!
    Join the App Stores most daring chase!
    An Universal App with hd optimized graphics for retina resolution. 

    Download Batman Arkham City Lockdown

    Batman Arkham City Lockdown
    • About 27545 Downloads
    • Version: 1.3
    • Size: 612 MB
    • Required:
    • Release time: 2012-04-09

    Batman Arkham City Lockdown Screenshots:

  •         The inmates have escaped and Batman has his hands full defeating an army of henchmen and some of his most iconic villains. Scour the rooftops and the seedy underbelly of Gotham City through a series of one-on-one battles with the Joker, Two-Face and more, as well as the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown exclusive – Deathstroke. Choose from several Batman skins and power-ups as you punch, kick and combo your way to cleaning up Gotham City.

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
    • About 24738 Downloads
    • Version: 1.3.0
    • Size: 1.05 GB
    • Required:
    • Release time: 2012-06-12

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Screenshots:

  •         When war hits home, abandon all fear.


            **PocketGamer: “A stellar combination of graphics, entertaining action, and robust multiplayer.”


            The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.



            • Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan.

            • Witness multiple memorable moments thanks to AAA scenario-scripting. 

            • Experience different types of gameplay: escort, destroy, helicopter, 4x4 chase…



            • The deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay on smartphones improved once again, now with a sprint and slide feature. 

            • Gaze-upon next-gen GFX that allow for an unprecedented rendering of environments. 

            • Improved SFX and voice acting will immerse you in an apocalyptic scenario.



            • Enter battles for up to 12 players in 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes. 

            • Use your customized weapons to move up an addictive leaderboard with more than just ranks.

            Android version available: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nationfor Android

    Download Battlefield 3?: Aftershock

    Battlefield 3?: Aftershock
    • About 21313 Downloads
    • Version: 1.0.0
    • Size: 287 MB
    • Required:
    • Release time: 2012-02-09

    Battlefield 3?: Aftershock Screenshots:

  •     READY FOR THE AFTERSHOCK? Get this FREE multiplayer map brought to you by Act of Valor. 


            Set your sights on these awesome features:


            • Free to Play – Sharpen your skills with pulse-pounding combat

            • Play as a Team – Immerse yourself in intense multiplayer team battles

            • Leading Edge Graphics – Stunning visuals fully optimized for iOS

            • 4 Weapons – You’ll be geared-up from the start, PLUS unlock a 5th bonus weapon

    Download Head Soccer for iPhone/iPad

    Head Soccer for iPhone/iPad
    • About 18389 Downloads
    • Version: 1.4.1
    • Size: 14.2 MB
    • Required: iOS 4.1 or later
    • Release time: 2012-07-17
    • Developers: D&D Dream Corp

    Head Soccer for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

  • A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second.
    Beat the opponent with fancy lethal shots such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament.
    You can also matchup with friends or global users through the gamecenter.
    Play this fun soccer game anytime, anywhere.
    ■■ FEATURES ■■
    + Various 24 Avatars & Unique Special Shot !!
    + 3 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Surival)
    + Bluetooth Multi Play Mode
    (Play with your friends near !!)
    + Online Multiplayer via GameCenter (at least iso4.1)
    + Physics based gameplay (Box2d)
    + GameCenter Leader boards
    + Submit Facebook 

    Download FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS for iPhone/iPad

    FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS for iPhone/iPad
    • About 17201 Downloads
    • Version: 1.0.6
    • Size: 1.36 GB
    • Required: iOS 4.0 or later
    • Release time: 2012-11-03
    • Developers: Electronic Arts

    FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

    FIFA 13 is more realistic than ever – with all the authenticity and innovation you’ve come to expect from the FIFA franchise. Matches come to life with groundbreaking graphics and the most responsive controls ever delivered on iOS.
    The new Skill Move button lets you choose your favorite tricks with simple swipe gestures. Master free kicks and penalty shots with full touch control. Get in the game with realistic 360° player movement. Pull off defense-splitting passes, rifling shots, penalty kicks, and pro-style tricks.
    For the first time ever! Compete with friends anytime, anywhere using Online Multiplayer. Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and use superstars like Messi and Benzema to crush your competitors around the world.
    EA SPORTS Football Club lets you connect to real-world competitions, support your favorite club, and connect with friends, rivals, and millions of other players around the world. Level-up and earn experience points to build status. You can even relive famous real-world football events through in-game challenges.
    Featuring 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players. From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – take the superstars of football on the pitch in Quick Match, Manager or the brand new Online Multiplayer and Tournament game modes as you dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums.
    Now you can share your most glorious moments online – straight from Instant Replay!
    - FIFA 13 is a universal build and can be installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    - If you have FIFA 13 installed on multiple devices, you can save a Manager Mode or a Tournament game onto iCloud on one device – then continue playing on another.
    - Compatible devices include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (4th generaton), iPad mini, iPod touch 3 (16 GB and above), or iPod touch 4.
    - For the best game experience, we recommend playing on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPad mini.
    - Device Firmware 4.0 and above required.

    Download Touchgrind BMX

    Touchgrind BMX
    • About 14939 Downloads
    • Version: 1.5.0
    • Size: 75.8 MB
    • Required:
    • Release time: 2012-03-21

    Touchgrind BMX Screenshots:

  •      Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world. Your skill and imagination are the only limits to the tricks you can pull off! Impress your friends by uploading your best runs to YouTube and Facebook.


            We took everything that made Touchgrind into an App Store classic to the extreme and created Touchgrind BMX. At Illusion Labs we only release games that we are extremely proud of. We feel that BMX is the pinnacle of our productions to date!


            Stunning 3D graphics, amazing physics and realistic sound. Collect medals and complete challenges to unlock many different bikes and locations. Watch replays, generate videos, export to your computer or upload to YouTube and show all your friends on Facebook, by just a few clicks.



            - True physics

            - The same revolutionary controls as seen in the original skateboarding game Touchgrind

            - Many unlockable bikes and locations

            - Earn medals and complete challenges at every location

            - Record and replay your runs

            - Create replay videos and show the world (iPhone 3GS / iPod 3-gen or higher)

            - TV out (iPhone 4 / iPod 4G only, use mirroring on iPad 2)